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Friday, April 30th, 2004
7:22 am
me and my multiple personalities
this is how bored i get in physics:

I'm supposed to be doing some problems on wave speed or electromagnetism or something, but it's so BORING and I already know how to do it.

Kirstin! I'm really sorry about your necklace (although it was an accident waiting to happen)! Kirstin's necklace went *POOF!* bye bye beadies! Buhahahahahaha! You and your multiple personalities. SHUT UP! I didn't say anything! You just did!


Hahahahaha . . . jk, jk.


Ha! Emily, Kirstin's hands aren't too small! and she's going to die an interesting death. Was it by cats or skydiving for her 50th aniversary? I don't remember, but me, I'll probably die in my sleep an old woman . . . talk about boring.

But I guess it's better than falling down the stairs soon after I become a ruler of a country! Hehee, or from a nosebleed at my wedding. Buhahahahaha! Can you tell that I'm insanely bored?!

It feels like a goddamn assylum in here. White walls. White floors. Metal desks. White boards. White paper. White shoes. White shirts. White socks. Where does it END?! WHERE DOES IT END?!?!

My hands aren't too small. The walls aren't too white. The walls aren't too white. The walls aren't too white. The walls aren't too white. THE WALLS AREN'T TOO WHITE!

Somebody save me from this hell! Speaking of which . . . Ever wonder what's on TV in hell?

I'm thinking Richard Simmons: Sweatin' to Britney Spears! Oh, God. *shudder* I'm creeped out just thinking about it

6:51 am
I am REALLY inconsistent . . . see? it's been like two weeks . . . lalalala

haha kristin, that was really fun in math today!! i still love u even though u almost BROKE MY HAND!!! i'm just glad u weren't wearing any rings, that could've been really ugly!

but jasky and josh, i swear i was going to strangle both of them especially when we were playing "racecar"

hahaha . . . i get my licsense soon!!! everybody cheer!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! how's the magin school bus lauren, still big and yellow? buhahahahaha

hahaha daniel and his 007 thing in english today was pretty funny . . .he's so weird, but funny! haha and kristin, we WILL act out MAAN because that would be so awesome, who's bringing the tights?! hahahaha

i talked to hannah today . . . yay! i missed her a lot, she is still uber cool! i luv ya! can ya tell? haha we gotta get together sometime! not fair about the warped tour. backstage passes!!! i want some!! *pouty face* i love u forever . . . haha i'm done now

bye everybody!!
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
10:50 am


check out the picture towards the bottom . . . hahahahaha

"librarians for laura: one reader in the Bush family seems to be enough"

10:33 am
hey everybody, i'm a schizoid! ha ha
it's been a week . . . see why i don't do this? I'm inconsistant.

a procrastinator

but at least i'm not 66% dependent! hehe kristin, i luv ya, even if u really hate being alone

haha . . . remember mike in math the other day "i love kix! instead of saying, 'kid-tested, mother-approved' it should just say, like, 'fucking awesome!'"

haha good times . . . i'm going to sleep now . . . and by the way, my clock's messed up, change the am to pm and add like 20 minutes . . . the end


Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, April 10th, 2004
8:29 am
oh my god, this is so awesome, guys!


i'm gonna get one!!!
Friday, April 9th, 2004
5:24 pm
Have you ever stopped to think, and realized how many things in this world are breakable? Earth. Stones. Habits. Silence. Peace. Bones. Images. Rules. Friendship. Trust. Hearts. Spirits. Dreams. And then you start to think, How many can be fixed? All of them, but completely? Mending can only take the healing process so far. So take heed, and handle all with care. For once a bond is broken, it can never be what it once was.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
5:09 pm
You look at me like you know me. But you don't. And when you realize I'm not buying your bluff, you change. You look at me like you know everything. But you don't. You dont' know half of the twisted ins and outs that the stars do. You haven't seen what darkness the other side of the moon has. I just wish you'd drop it, because no one's listening. Your act grew old, people figured you out, and it's tired. It really is. And the trees and mountains and suns will watch you forever, whispering secrets. Because even if you don't know them, they know you. And so do I.

Current Mood: irritated
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
8:42 am
A broken reflection.
The fallen dreams,
The sunken expectations.
Too long spent
In imaginary refuge.
A lost vision of light,
To the abyss, salute.

Learning to breathe
Under pressures of perfection
As flaws slowly creep.
I'm returning
To MY perfect world,
Beyond the darkness,
Fingers curled.

Safely at home,
Coddled in peace.
All intentions to stay,
For the pressures never cease.
Goodbye, Reality,
Haunt me no more.
I'm going home,
Where I'm free to soar.

god that's depressing. the only thing i know is: FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS DRIVE FORDS!
5:43 am
soul for sale
hi everybody! I'm glad you're here, cuz it's time for GEE'S THOUGHT OF THE DAY!!!!!!:

"Question all those who write in purple, for they are out of their minds."

wow, gee, how . . . . insightful!

la dee da dee da . . . I'm bored. Does anybody wanna IM me randomly because u all love me so much? Okay, i guess not, oh well.

kristin found a soul for sale on ebay! but we have to call a christian hotline first to make sure we won't go to hell for it. who's with me?!

i'm still waiting for my uber-hott guy playing piano . . .

pat benatar is awesome guys . . . i'm being really random.

SING ALONG TIME! "i wanna know what love is, i want you to show me .. ." okay now i'm scaring myself, i should stop before i go insane! (see, lauren, i told u it would be really boring)

Current Mood: skitzophrenic!!!
Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
9:27 am
. . .
tired . . . can't stay awake . . . damn clock is wrong . . . later than it really is


must get sleep . . . good night . . .
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